GET YOUR BUS GEAR FIX: Solar + Cooking

This episode, we discuss the BIG decisions we made (finally) for Diane Ourbus. Most notably, we have opted to go with a Goal Zero Solar Generator and panels. In the next video, we will reveal the results of our solar power home test! *We are not sponsored by any of the brands listed in the video [...]

Our Quick and Dirty Camper Conversion

This is our tribute to the Trooper. We are so emotionally invested in this cheap, old, boxy suv.  Koopa Trooper has taken us all over the place from White Sands, NM to Yellowstone, from Provo, UT to Monument Valley. We converted the Isuzu Trooper 4x4 SUV into an cheap, super simple camper van. The conversion, [...]

Our First Yard Sale

After a long hiatus, we are finally ready to starting moving forward again.  A few things slowed us down. We spent some time in NY, Zac had several business trips, plus the weather has been weird in CO.  It has been either raining like crazy or hot as hell here.  The whole time I have [...]