Our Flooring is IN!

We have been sitting on a few boxes of gorgeous Brazilian red cherry hardwood flooring for 1.5 years now.  We got it from a friend's tiny house build leftovers and it was literally our first big purchase.  We decided to build first and put the flooring in near the end of the conversion.  This way [...]

GET YOUR BUS GEAR FIX: Solar + Cooking

This episode, we discuss the BIG decisions we made (finally) for Diane Ourbus. Most notably, we have opted to go with a Goal Zero Solar Generator and panels. In the next video, we will reveal the results of our solar power home test! *We are not sponsored by any of the brands listed in the video [...]

Thank you so much for your support!!!

Want a Rolling Vistas Sticker?!?!? Option 1) Become a Patron Option 2) Purchase one here! Option 3) Trade us one of your stickers by contacting us so we can trade info! Thank you to David Jacques for becoming a Patron on Patreon! Please sub to his YouTube page where he just brought home his own skoolie [...]

Make Money & Travel

We have been working towards the goal of a nomadic lifestyle for YEARS now.  We have slowly made changes in our careers that have finally allowed us to work 100% remotely. This video dives into our plan for making money on the road. Some things will likely change once we get out there but we [...]