Our Flooring is IN!

We have been sitting on a few boxes of gorgeous Brazilian red cherry hardwood flooring for 1.5 years now.  We got it from a friend’s tiny house build leftovers and it was literally our first big purchase.  We decided to build first and put the flooring in near the end of the conversion.  This way we wouldn’t be wasting flooring or weight.  We also wanted to install as a floating floor and wanted all of our furniture/walls to be attached securely to our subfloor.


It is so hard to believe we are finally close enough to the end of our bus conversion to install the flooring that has been gathering sawdust in our garage for all this time but we did it and we are beyond thrilled with the results!

EmptyName 1

We have made a lot of progress even since our In Progress Skoolie Tour Video .  Above, you can see a new folding table we have installed over one of the desk support cabinets.  We found some great folding shelf brackets on Amazon.  I like these brackets because they snap securely in place and you can raise the table and have it lock in place with one hand.  Putting the leaflet table back down is easy too.  With 2 hands, you press the little levers under the brackets and fold it back into place.EmptyName 2

ALSO, Zac has successfully PLUMBED the kitchen sink!  We are just draining to a paint bucket at the moment but he wired the shurflo water pump and set up our fresh tank, water inlet, and pexlines! We also traded in our faucet.  We had started with a very cheap faucet with no reviews.  We just couldn’t believe how expensive faucets tend to be.  Well, the first cheap one leaked so we decided to upgrade but still weren’t comfortable with spending 200-300 dollars on a faucet.  We found this faucet on Amazon which was reasonably priced and I just LOVE how it looks.  We have already tested it for leaks and it works perfectly.  It is flexible, has a long extension spray hose, and has 2 stream settings.EmptyName 3

I installed a little hand towel rack which will also keep toiletries in the inset shelf next to the bathroom medicine cabinet.  It is a little piece of copper plumbing with end caps on it.EmptyName 4

We are so thrilled with how it is coming together.  We ended up with a more red and orange wood color scheme than we would have chosen deliberately just by using scraps and mixing stains and using second hand materials.  Maybe it doesn’t all “go together” but I am in love with the eclectic, cabin vibes that are happening naturally. Nothing is perfect.  No surface is level.  The seams aren’t flush. But, we are doing it ourselves, with our own hands, and it already feels like home.EmptyName 5

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