Design your own skoolie floor plan

Every time we post an update to our Google Sketchup tiny floor plan, we get questions about the ease of using this 3D modeling program.  I thought I would put together a SUPER basic tutorial to help get you started if you may be intimidated by the software.

The download is FREE and you can design just about anything using Sketchup.

Download it here!…

Disclaimer: I am by no means, an expert in Google Sketchup, but wanted to share what I’ve learned while using Sketchup and demonstrate how easy it really is.

This is our 3rd Sketchup iteration of our bus. If you want to see the first two, check them out below.……

Bus Specs/ FAQs:

The bus exterior is 31 feet long

The living space is 24 ft 10 in long (up to engine cover)

The interior width is 7 ft 7in

Less than 200 square feet of living space

The tallest height inside is 6ft 6in

Please let me know if you still have questions or would like to see a more in-depth tutorial!

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