Our Quick and Dirty Camper Conversion

This is our tribute to the Trooper.

We are so emotionally invested in this cheap, old, boxy suv.  Koopa Trooper has taken us all over the place from White Sands, NM to Yellowstone, from Provo, UT to Monument Valley.

We converted the Isuzu Trooper 4×4 SUV into an cheap, super simple camper van. The conversion, if you can even really call it that, just involved taking out the seats, throwing in some wood, and creating some curtains for a little privacy.

Inexpensive used SUVs can make for great camper conversions, and can save you a ton on a new or even used camper van and on hotel costs. We spent less than $5,000 after everything was said and done, and even after just two years we’ve more than gotten our money’s worth.

We’ve camped in the Trooper for weeks at a time and could have easily gone longer. Trips like those are what inspired us to think about nomadic life again and ultimately led to us buying the school bus and starting our skoolie conversion.

The Trooper has represented a lot of things for us during the past couple years, the most important of which has been freedom.

God I am going to miss Koopa.

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