Moab, Utah: One of Our Favorite Places

Looking for an unreal landscape with tons of free and scenic boondocking?  Check out one of our absolute favorite areas; Moab, Utah.  Specifically check out Canyonlands in the Needles District.

6908_10205090738200358_7416350647215269530_n Somehow, this area is never busy and we’ve been several times.  We’re always able to find a nice isolated spot where we can let the dogs off leash and explore!  The sites are totally free, most have fire rings, and some even have picnic tables.  This park is nestled right next to the much more popular Arches national Park and is often neglected.  It is enormous, at 527 square miles, and has 4 entrances.  A large section of the park is totally inaccessible unless you have high clearance 4WD capability or backpack in.10172771_10205090738000353_1069885509984264689_n

To test out our new purchase, Koopa the Isuzu trooper, we tried a little off-roading for the first time on the Canyon Overlook 4×4 Road that starts from the Needles Visitor center.10308140_10205090737880350_6170566085326972204_n

Poor Tuco wasn’t loving the bumpy ride but the rest of us had a blast and a few close calls.  With Zac behind the wheel, and myself jumping out to help guide Koopa over some of the bigger rocky areas, we made it!


This place will always hold a special place in our hearts and I’m sure we’ll be back soon!


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